Product Specific

  • How do I change the colors of my Garden Laser?

    Which systems do support a color change?

    There are two laser lights of the Garden Series where you can change the colors manually: The Laserworld GS-200RG move and the Laserworld GS-250RGB move.
    The Laserworld GS-60G and the Laserworld GS-60G move are always green and the Laserworld GS-200RG always displays its effects in green and red.

    How can I change the colors?

    For changing the colors the GS-200RG move and the GS-250RGB move come with a special remote control. As you see in the picture below, there is a color button on the remote control in the upper right corner. When pressing the button the colors are changing and the different color modes are displayed by the garden laser.

    What color modes does my Garden Laser support?

    The Laserworld GS-200RG move can display its effects in green, red as well as red&green together.
    The Laserworld GS-250RGB move can display its effects in green, red, blue, green&red, green&blue, red&blue as well as RGB (red & green & blue together).

    How can I display all three colors with my GS-250RGB move without the strobe effect?

    For displaying the colors red, green and blue together without the strobe effect, first you have to select a single color via the "COLOR" button. Then you press the ON/OFF button twice to switch the GS-250RGB move off and on again. Now the show laser shows the desired color combination without the strobe effect.

  • What is the operating temperature of my Garden Laser?

    What is the ideal temperature for my Garden Laser?

    As stated in the Garden Laser manual, the operating temperature of all Garden Laser systems is -5°C to +38°C.

    What happens if it gets colder than -5°C?

    Your laser system won't get broken immediately if the temperature falls below -5°C, but you must consider that the output power will decrease with every degree due to technical restrictions of the laser sources.
    Furthermore the product warranity expires if you run your Garden Laser in temperature ranges below -5°C.

  • How does the timer function work?

    Which Garden Lasers offer a timer function?

    Every Garden Laser system that comes with a remote control offers a timer function:
    Laserworld GS-60G move, Laserworld GS-200RG move and Laserworld GS-250RGB move

    What does the timer function?

    With the timer function you can set a power off timer for your Garden Laser.
    After 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours the Garden Laser will power off independently, when pressing the respective button.

    How can I set / change the power off timer?

     For setting a power off timer you just need to press one of the six timer buttons on the bottom of the remote control. The laser projection will blink. As you see in the picture below, there is a botton for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours and for 6 hours.
    If you want do delete the current power off timer, you have to press any of the six timer buttons. So be careful, if you press the timer button twice, your desired timer will get deleted and you have to set it again.
    That means if you want to change the current timer setting, you have to press any timer button to delete the current setting and then you have to press the button with your desired timer setting.

  • How do I mount the Garden Laser to the metal stake?

    For mounting the Garden Laser just follow the manual below:

  • How does the rotation function work?

    Which systems do support the rotation function?

    All Garden Laser systems with the term "move" in the name support the rotation function:
    Laserworld GS-60G move, Laserworld GS-200RG move and Laserworld GS-250RGB move

    How can I change the rotation?

    For changing the speed of the rotation there are two buttons on the remote control as you can see in the picture below. The left "Rotation +" button and the right "Rotation -" button.
    With the "Rotation +" button you can speed up the rotation. With the "Rotation -" button you can slow down the rotation of the laser light effects.

    Is it possible to display static effects that don't move at all?

    By pressing the "Rotation -" button multiple times you can slow down the effects until they won't move anymore.

  • How can I save my current settings?

    Does the Garden Laser systems provide a memory effect?

    No, the Garden Series effect lasers won't save your last settings when you turn it off for a longer time or unplug the system.
    The garden show laser will restart in a demo mode with slight rotation, where all color modes are changed automatically.

  • What are the different operation modes of the Garden Laser?

    Which systems do support several operation modes?

    All Garden Series systems with the term "move" in their name support different operation modes that can be changed with the remote control.
    The other Garden Lasers always display a static image with all colors they support.

    How can I change the operation modes?

    For changing the colors the Garden Series move  devices come with a special remote control. As you see in the picture below, there is a "MODE" button in the middle of the remote control. When pressing the button the operating modes are changing.

    Which operation modes are there?

    I. The show laser always starts in a demo mode with a rotating image, where the different color modes are shuffled automatically.
    GS-60G move: green
    GS-200RG move: red, green as well as red & green together
    GS-250RGB move: red, green, blue, red & green, red & blue, blue & green as well as RGB (red, green and blue together)
    II. The second operation mode displays the current color selection with a strobe effect.
    III. The third operation mode displays the current color selection in a static way.

  • Where can I find the christmas / halloween / carnival patterns?

    I can't find the special patterns of my Garden Laser; are they missing?

    The Garden Series consists of special effects laser systems that display hundreds of tiny light dots to walls, ceilings, trees and many other surfaces.
    There are no special patterns available at the moment.

    But on the packaging there are pictures of a christmas tree, a pumpkin, etc.

    The patterns that you can see on older Garden Series packaging boxes are just sample applications. The images visualize some of the many locations you can use your Garden Laser for. 
    The Garden Series suits best as decoration for e.g. Halloween, Christmas and Carnival but as said that are just examples.

  • Why do some colors seem brighter than others?

    The blue color of my Garden Laser seems more dim than the other colors

    Some colors are more visible for the human eye than others. Please check out the following table to see which colors are physically most visible:

  • How can I switch the different modes of the Advanced Scan Fail Safety?

    The Advanced Scan Fail Safety of the Xscan scanners can be switched to three different modes: 

    The Fail Safety mode permanently checks if the scanner output matches the input signal. If there is any deviation, it switches of the laser output.
    The Beam Block Safety mode completely blocks every focussed beam (threshold can be adjusted) and also has the Fail Safety functions enabled.
    As third option it is also possible to completely deactivate the scanner safety (not recommended, for testing or scientific use only).

    The manual for the Xscan scanner s shows how the settings can be adjusted. Please refer to that manual for further details:
    Scanner Manual Xscan

    The setting for the Advanced Scan Fail Safety for upgraded systems with CT-6210HP works similar.

  • I need to do a very large and complex graphics projection. I fear that even the fastest CT-6215HP scanners will not be able to manage it. What can I do?

    We already did several projects like that and it is quite similar to video projections: If you need to cover a larger space, you combine several projectors. It's the same with lasers: You can split-up the graphics in several parts, that can be handled by different laser projectors then.

    Please ask if you need support in doing such kind of split-up projections. It's not too tricky, but in fact needs some knowledge.


  • Is Pangolin laser control software Mac / Apple compatible?

    Pangolin Quickshow does not run on MAC / Apple OSx. However, it is possible to operate all software products, that we offer, in a Windows emulated environment on Mac systems.

    There are several technical limitations that make it tricky to just switch existing software solutions to Mac OS ( e.g. deep integration with DirectX or OpenGL and similar Windows APIs)

  • What are the differences between QuickShow and Beyond?

    Beyond has a good number of additional professional features, such as an advanced multimedia timeline, advanced frame creation tools and advanced 3D modeling and animation capabilities. QuickShow was purposely designed without these things because 1) having too many features tends to confuse new lasershow users and 2) most beginners don't need these particular advanced features.

  • What is a Laser Harp Controller?

    The Laser Harp Controller is basically a MIDI controller box with a sensor unit that will turn your ILDA laser projector into a powerful frameless full color laser harp. By detecting the reflection of your hand while interrupting one of the laser beams, the harp controller gives a MIDI feedback signal.

    The Laser Harp Controller is fully compatible with Pangolin Quickshow software!

    NOTE: The Laser Harp Controller DOES NOT come with a built-in laser projector. Please select one of our professional units in our portfolio.


  • What is a "grating effect"?

    A grating effect is an optical deflection grid, that multiplies the input rays. E.g. if you shoot a single laser beam to the grating, you get kind of a star effect (burst grating) or a "dotted line" (line grating) on the other side.

    Every color spectrum is deflected in a different way, so if you have a multi-color input, you get the colors split up as well. That's why it is physically not possible to generate a white star effect with the use of a deflection grating.

    Grating effects can also be used with mirrors (BURST-10, LIN-10)

  • Can I use DMX capable show laser systems in Master/Slave mode?

    Many of our laser systems are equipped with quite versatile preset boards, that provide a basic functionality for operation in Music, Auto and DMX mode.

     To have the option of Master/Slave operation it is essential, that the units connected can act as transmitter and receiver of DMX512 control signals: The Master unit acts like a DMX controller and sends the control signal to the Slave unit(s). This would only be possible for Auto and Music mode. 

    As it is quite tricky to implement a function like that in very cheap units, we decided not to have such an option with our units. especially as they have very good options for DMX control: A DMX controller is available for very cheap nowadays and you have much more options in the way you control the laser(s).
            So we recommend:
            - use a simple DMX controller as Master
            - address the units with the same address to have them doing all the same
            - give them different addresses to have even more control options.
    Anyway, for semi-professional or professional use we recommend controlling the lasers over ILDA (computer control). If DMX is needed, then we recommend to remote control the ILDA software over DMX and not the projector directly. This provides extremely more features and options!

  • Can I link several lasers with DMX cables to forward the ILDA signal of the first unit?

    Of course not: DMX and ILDA are very different types of transmission protocols. DMX is very limited in its capabilities, so it's not suitable for any complex signal transmissions.

    If you work in ILDA mode, you can only use the ILDA signal. DMX is deactivated at the laser devices as soon as an ILDA signal is available.

    Please see also the explanations of the ILDA and DMX signals in the FAQs above.

  • Do you sell any waterproof lasers?

    Yes, MotionLasers offers a large number of waterproof lasers:

    All Nano units are IP65 waterproof, meaning they can be used outdoor in the rain.

    The Spectrum All-Weather and Low Divergence Series are rated to IP65 waterproof, perfect for outdoor touring applications.

    The LightCube 851 models are rated to IP68, suitable for permanent outdoor solutions in a submersible shell.