Installation & Setup

  • How can I control my laser over DMX professionally?

    Laser units often provide a rather simple option to control them over DMX512: An integrated chip on the control board of the laser unit has pre-programmed patterns, that then can be selected over DMX. However, the options are very limited and normally the user cannot put own patterns on this chip.

    Normally there is no professional operation of lasers through DMX possible (except units with SD-Card).


    To have a very versatile control over laser systems via DMX, we recommend to use a professional control software and then remotely control the software via DMX - not the projector directly. With having the software in between, the control is very versatile and provides a multitude of functions. You can put your own logos, texts, and patterns and have all the professional features that the software provides. DMX remote control works with Pangolin Quickshow (with additional external DMX->USB interface)

    Entry-level laser projectors without computer control option are not meant for professional use.

  • I got a brand new laser, but it doesn't seem to work. What should I do?

    Before calling your vendor our service line, please check the following points:

    • - do you use the right operation voltage?- is the environmental temperature not below 10°C?
    • - is the interlock connector plugged in (if there is an interlock connector, of course)?
    • - is the key switch turned to "on"?- if there is a mechanical shutter: is it moved aside?
    • - does the laser only not work in one operation mode (sound, auto, ILDA - as far as the options are available for your unit)?
    • - if operated in ILDA mode: Do you operate your software properly? (Interface connected, cable properly attached, laser output activated in software, right interface selected for output in software?)
    • - if operated in ILDA mode: Do you try to project a single beam or a very small pattern? Probably the scan fail safety blocks that (it only does if switched to full block mode! This is not the standard option.)... please try a larger pattern.

  • Can I link several lasers with DMX cables to forward the ILDA signal of the first unit?

    Of course not: DMX and ILDA are very different types of transmission protocols. DMX is very limited in its capabilities, so it's not suitable for any complex signal transmissions.

    If you work in ILDA mode, you can only use the ILDA signal. DMX is deactivated at the laser devices as soon as an ILDA signal is available.

    Please see also the explanations of the ILDA and DMX signals in the FAQs above.

  • Why do we have condensation inside our laser device?

    Professional laser systems usually have cooling/heating elements built inside the projector. Although these are meant for keeping the laser modules at operation temperature, the climate inside the laser device needs to be quite balanced.

    If you place a laser projector next to a fog machine or next to the air condition outlet (or even to the normal ventilation system) there may be a condensation of water/liquid inside the housing due to the temperature difference. The effect is comparable to the situation if you come from a cold outside into a warm room and your glasses fog up.

    That's why it is very important to place the laser system appropriately and to avoid any situation that may raise the risk of condensation.

    Condensation inside a laser device may lead to short-circuiting of the unit and crash of laser diodes.

    Please consider the operation temperature stated in the user manual of the laser system!

    A Sealed Housing technology enclosure does not prevent condensation! Please head for an even more professional system that is rated IP54+ to reduce the condensation risk.