MotionLasers is a part of the MotionGlobal family of websites. For over 15 years we have been involved in the video and laser industries creating unique products and marketplaces to stimulate creativity both on and off the stage. The common goal throughout is to deliver exceptional value and customer service every step of the way.

In the laser industry we have become a valuable resource of information to help new and experienced customers find the perfect laser to meet their unique goals and vision. We offer more ways to compare lasers side-by-side and we support more laser manufacturers than anyone else in the world. We have leveled the playing field so everybody wins - and when combined with our price protection our customers are always guaranteed to come out ahead. 

In the video industry, we created the first website in the world to allow instantly downloadable video bundles. In fact, we even coined the term “motion loops” which is now a common industry phrase. We have also launched the worlds only 3D logo animation website service in the cloud based on our proprietary Beatflo MLU render engine. 

Our customers enjoy a seamless experience across all our websites with a single unified log-in and plenty of customer loyaly benefits deliverd to their inboxes every month. To view our other products and websites please click the links below.